Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Quack Quack - James fits the Bill in the NFL

If you think of a duck in a sporting context and you live in the UK then you are likely to conjour up an image of various batters from the England Cricket Team walking back to the pavilion having been caught or bowled out for 0.

If you think of a duck in a sporting context and you live in the USA then you are likely to be thinking about the NHL's Mighty Ducks or the college football team the Oregon Ducks.

In the past few years the Oregon Ducks have not only worn a series of eye-popping uniform colour combinations and designs (including feathers on the shoulders) they have also won a lot of games.

In the past three seasons, all under Coach Chip Kelly, the Ducks have won more games in a three year span than in any time in their history, a huge haul of 34 wins.

As well as excellent coaching the team have been quacking like crazy thanks to the on-field skills of running-back LaMichael James.

James has had a remarkable three-years of pigskin progress, rushing for over 1,500 every year (2009-2011), totalling 5,082 rushing yards and 53 touchdowns on the ground.

He was also third in the Heisman Trophy voting in 2010, and tenth in 2011, and was the nation's #1 rusher (by yards) in the 2010-11 season with a reed rustling 1,731 yards

This particularly mighty Duck has also helped Oregon to two Rose Bowl Games (one loss in 2010 and one win in 2012) and a valiant loss in the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) final in 2011, a 19-22 defeat to a Cam Newton led Auburn team.

I have a soft spot for ducks in a pond, so it can be said I have a huge soft spot for the Oregon Ducks, and I will be trying to get hold of James in fantasy rookie drafts wherever I can.

The supposed 'elite' running-back in the 2012 NFL draft is Alabama's Trent Richardson, who may experts think has the best potential since Oklahoma's Adrian Peterson was drafted by the Vikings at pick 7 in the 2007 Draft.

Richardson will likely be a Cleveland Browns player (as pick #4 overall) in about a week, leaving the spotlight away from James, who may fall anywhere from about pick 20 to 40.

The reason James is not on the same elevated pedestal as Richardson is due to him pleading guilty to a charge of physical harassment, which resulted in two-years of probation.

I would like someone like the Green Bay Packers to pick up James in the late first round of the 2012 draft as his college career warrants a mark by his entry into the NFL as a first-round pedigree.

James may only be 5 ft 9 inches tall, but he plays with his heart on his bill.

This is one duck who knows how to glide, lets just hope the pond that he migrates to means he gets an early opportunity to spread his wings.

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