Monday, 30 April 2012

Is Mike Shanahan a goat or a genius?

The Redskins controversial 4th round pick Kirk Cousins

Two full days after the conclusion of the 2012 NFL draft and I am still trying to make my mind up if the move made by Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan to draft two quarterbacks in his team's first three picks was one of genius or goat.

The Redskins made their biggest draft move for as long as I can remember when earlier this year they trade up to the #2 overall pick and managed to secure the rights to sign Baylor passer Robert Griffin III.

Part of the deal with the Cleveland Browns included giving up their second round pick this year, and this meant the Redskins taking RG3 and then a long wait until the third-round, where they sensibly drafted a nasty offensive guard (nasty as in dispostion not playing talent).

The Skins next had a pick in round four, and instead of addressing defensive line (either tackle or end) or cornerback or safety, Shanny simply couldn't resist Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins. 

As a round four pick this would have been a fantastic selection if the Redskins hadn't traded the farm, the tractors, the land and even the old stinky barn containing the crusty pigs for RG3 three rounds earlier.

The Seattle Seahawks for instance did very well in grabbing Wisconsin's vertically challenged, but highly talented gunslinger Russell Wilson in the third-round, a move that I have applauded considering their two veteran quarterbacks are Tavaris Jackson (yuk) and the unproven Matt Flynn.

Now the Redskins have been lacking a difference making quarterback for many many years, possibly since Mark 'the guy next door' Rypien led the team to their last Super Bowl win (1991).

They now have one mega-high profile rookie on the team (well they will when he signs) and one quarterback who will be breathing down his neck if RG3 takes a sideline-enducing blast from the likes of DeMarcus Ware (Cowboys) or Jason 'Octopus Limbs' Pierre-Paul (Giants).

According to USA Today Coach Shanny did warn RG3 that he may select another quarterback, and ever the media-savvy diplomat Griffin told him "Coach do what you can to put the best team together."

I think underneath the face of Under Armour and likely every major brand that can get him to sign on the dotted-line, RG3 was a bit miffed that he will be going through training-camp knowing that he has a fellow hungry-as-hell rookie with him every step of the way.

First thing first RG3 will need to beat out Rex Grossman a much maligned quarterback who has played in as many Super Bowls as Dan Marino, Dan Fouts, Warren Moon and Micahel Vick put together.

The Redskins will look at Cousins as primarily a back-up and secondly as a potential future trade bargaining chip, but I have this funny feeling that the former Spartan will be on stage at some point during the 2012 season.

With the Redskins fans having lived through some abysmal quarterback experiments, including tat such as John Beck, Shane Matthews (who I had the misfortune of seeing live in a game against the 49ers), Tony Banks, Heath Shuler and even the 2010 version of Donovan McNabb, it makes sense to have two new passers on the books. 

I'm just not sure if either RG3 is really happy with the move and if Cousins will be happy being forgotten until Sexy Rexy or RG3 get crocked.

This season will be big as the D.C fans will expect a minimum of an 8-8 season, and those with no patience will expect the burgandy and gold back in the playoffs in under twelve months.

The future is now in Washington, lets just hope this draft doesn't match the last time the Redskins drafted two passers in the same draft (1994) when the early pick Heath Shuler flamed out like an Olympic Torch in a hail storm, and the second quarterback Gus Frerotte, who went on to play for seven...yes seven NFL Teams.

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