Thursday, 5 April 2012

Is it me or is it a bit 'draft'y in here?

Been a funny week for me so far. Ill for two days followed by a four-day weekend. Can't complain as it gives me extra time to listen to all the 2012 NFL Draft speculation on my favourite NFL related podcasts.

Anyone who follows the NFL and knows little of the college players who will be selected by the 32 NFL teams later this month know at least one fact - this year the top two players being drafted are 101% going to be quarterbacks.

Andrew Luck from Stanford and Robert Griffin III (RG3) will be selected by the Indianapolis Colts and the Washington Redskins at #1 and #2. There is a small possibility the Colts will select Griffin as their selection, but following the news RG3 declined a personal workout in Indy this week its looking like a long shot.

Where the 2012 Draft speculation starts getting interesting is the draft position and the team that the third-rated college quarterback, Ryan Tannehill (pictured above), will end up playing for.

The 6ft 4inch tall Tannehill played for Texas A&M (the A&M standing for Agricultural and Mechanical in case you were curious) for the last four years, having forfeited his first college season (2007).

What makes Tannehill an intriguing prospect is that he played wide-receiver for his first two college seasons (2008-9), catching a respectable 101 balls for 1,453 yards and nine aerial touchdowns.

He played a hybrid quarterback/receiver role in 2010 before his best college passing season as a senior (2011) tossing for 3,744 yards and 29 touchdowns, adding 306 on the ground and an additional four scores.

Despite only one full season as a starting signal-caller Tannehill has a prototypical height, weight and speed (no not RG3 type speed) to become a solid starting quarterback in the NFL.

Tannehill is a Texan through and through, born there, high-school there and college there, so it is likely the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans scouts will be very familiar with his throwing style, level of ability to audible right to his social skills and his stature in his local community.

What is unlikely is the Cowboys, at pick 14, having any chance of being able to draft Tannehill, as he has shown in workouts that he is a top 10 prospect.

He could be the player that sits in the green room at New York's Radio City Hall nervously scrolling his smart-phone waiting for a message as he is passed on by quarterback hungry teams, but I cant see it happening, as there is simply too much demand for a quarterback by some distinctly poor performing teams.

Front runners are the Cleveland Browns at #4 and the Miami Dolphins at #8, with some stealthy candidates lurking in the weeds such as the Jacksonville Jaguars at #7 and the Kansas City Chiefs at #11.

Outsiders interested in Tannehill include Buffalo and Arizona, but they will have to do more soul searching than the other teams listed as they have committed to their incumbent passers, at least in the short-term (Kevin Kolb and Ryan Fitzpatrick).

I'll stick my unshaven neck out and say that the Miami Dolphins will select Tannehill, but not before they move up a few spots as they will be nervous that the Jaguars will poach him from under their noses at pick #7.

Where do you think Tannehill will end up? And can Mel Kiper Jr do me a huge favour before I try to Twitter punch him, and stop prounoncing his name as Tanneyhill. If the Lord would have blessed him with a y in his surname he would have done it at birth.

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