Sunday, 5 February 2012

Super Bowl Sunday - time to have some fun

It's Super Bowl Sunday

This year we have a rematch of a Super Bowl from just four years ago, featuring the same head coaches and the same quarterbacks.

So who are some of the players you be looking out for as a hardcore or a casual fan?

1) Run rabbit run

Both the New England Patriots and the New York Giants have explosive passing games, but without the ability to run the ball they would not have made it all the way to Indy. Establishing some semblance of a running game will be important and help melt down the clock. The Giants combine two very different beasts in the backfield - a rhino (Brandon Jacobs) and a gazelle (Ahmad Bradshaw). The Patriots have legal representation (Benjarvis 'The Law Firm' Green-Ellis) as well as the white rabbit (Danny Woodhead). Look out for the white rabbit to pull off some sort of remarkable play. I even have good money on him being the first touchdown scorer (25-1).

2) Ocho-who-o?

Once upon a time there was an NFL wide receiver who got all the Sports Center highlights. He used to be called Chad Johnson, but then he woke up one day and decided to rename himself after the Spanish spelling of his shirt number. This season Ocho Cinco has registered about as much impact as a goldfish in the Atlantic Ocean, but he is now 24 hours away from suiting up in the world's single most watched sporting event. Ocho could end up not playing, but it's likely he will make the field. With about 3 million Twitter followers if Mr Cinco scores he will likely have a Blackberry stuffed in his crotch, whip it out, and become the first Super Bowl player to engage in social media during the game, on the field in the end-zone.

3) The human octopus

Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul is not normal. He is the African Caribbean Thorpedo - a man who has arms that are longer than Mr Tickle on a stretching rack. The talk is all about the Giants defensive front dominating the game and getting to Brady. Justin Tuck and Osi Umeynoria have been there before, but Jason Pierre-Paul has not, and he could be the single biggest impact player on the field. His incredibly long arms can literally reach around offensive linemen so Brady better bring a harpoon as well as a football if he thinks he is going to stop the human octopus.

Super Bowl Traditions

Aside from the matchups, the usually murdered National Anthem and the drawn out half-time show I do have some Super Bowl traditions of my own. I don't know about you but here are the things I have done since the 1980s. (My first Super Bowl i watched was XXI in 1986 - again featuring the New York Giants !).
  • Bag of peanut M and Ms
  • Can of Pepsi - which over the past 5 years has become Diet Pepsi
  • 2 bags of sweet toffee coated Popcorn
  • Move the sofa right in front of the TV
  • Spicy tortilla chips and sour cream dip
  • Lots of water to wash down the above
I know many people have hot food during the Super Bowl, and will run out to the kitchen at half-time to pop on a Pizza but I believe in the cold snack during the biggest game.


Back in September 2011 I predicted on my old blog that it would be a Packers v Patriots Super Bowl. One out of two teams can't be bad. I did say Green Bay would repeat so no Mystic Meg trophy for me.

I'm going for a Patriots win this time and these are the reasons why:
  • Brady wants to be remembered in history as a legend. Both the 49ers Joe Montana and the Steelers Terry Bradshaw have four rings each, and Brady will leave his heart and soul on the field to be part of the 'four ring club'
  • The Giants secondary simply cannot handle the speed, strength and diversity of the Patriots receiving options. You take away Wes Welker and the tight ends will kill you, you take away the tight ends and Brady will check down to his array of running backs, especially Danny Woodhead
  • The Patriots defense is not as bad as they are on paper. They will fight on every down and will have been coached within an inch of their lives by Bill Belichick.
  • Revenge is sweet - The Patriots will not want to end their decade of dominance with a whimper, and knowing their chance at immortality was taken away by the Giants four years ago they will be as Obama says 'fired up'
  • The Giants offensive line is not that great and has overachieved. To lose 7 regular season games there has to be some flaws and the Giants front five are either old or susceptible to a bull rush. Look out David Baas as Vince Wilfork will be hungrier than Mr Greedy after a month in solitary confinement
I'll say the final score - Patriots 31-28 New York Giants, but the game to be over with about 5 mins left.

My MVP (if their surname is not Brady) ill give to Patriots running back Benjarvis Green-Ellis. It would not shock me if Belichick decides to try and slow the game down by running the ball and taking advantage of an aggressive Giants defensive line. The 'Law Firm' Green-Ellis could get two tds and 120 yards rushing - yes it would be a minor miracle - but that is not beyond the Patriots.

Enjoy the game and don't drink too many Bud's before Madge performs at the half-time show, otherwise you will miss a spectacular fourth quarter.

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