Wednesday, 7 December 2011

GSP Out for 10 Months and Fox Get UFC Triple-Header

Where to start? The welterweight and middleweight divisions have been shaken up quite a bit in the past twenty-four hours with the injury to welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre and the middleweight title contender fights being announced.

GSP was scheduled to face off against his new nemesis, Nick Diaz at UFC 143 in Las Vegas. This won’t be happening.
UFC President Dana White tweeted earlier that GSP had blown his ACL and will be out for ten months. This is a huge blow (no pun intended) to the fans and to Nick Diaz I’m sure.
Diaz wouldn’t have been training for nothing though, as he’ll be facing Carlos Condit for the interim welterweight championship instead. This should be an absolute war, filled with trash talk and plenty of drama. Josh Koscheck however, is left without an opponent. Kos was supposed to be fighting Condit at the same event - obviously that isn’t happening now. Who’s next for Kos? If only BJ Penn hadn’t retired, eh?

Some slightly better news now regarding the middleweight division.
UFC announced earlier today that Michael Bisping will take on BJJ magician Demian Maia. It makes sense I guess, kind of, maybe. Bisping is on a four-fight win streak and Maia recently picked up a win at UFC 136 in October, however Maia hasn’t been the exciting fighter he used to be, before getting ripped apart by Anderson Silva. The good thing for Bisping is that Maia is a former no.1 contender for the middleweight strap, meaning if he wins, will he get a title shot or will he have to fight Chael Sonnen or Mark Munoz?

Speaking of Sonnen and Munoz, they’ll be going head to head at UFC on Fox 2 in January. This fight makes sense more than the above. Munoz is on an absolute roll and Sonnen wants to smash Silva and take his belt. Sonnen was (considered by many) less than two minutes away from winning the title, back in August of last year before Silva locked on a triangle armbar and tapped Sonnen out. Chael came back though this year and destroyed Brian Stann, another man who was on a roll at the time. Sonnen will be looking to take Munoz to the ground, rough him up and either lock on a submission or walk away with a decision victory. Easier said than done.
Munoz is a monster when it comes to wrestling and ground n’ pound, so he’ll know what to expect. The Filipino Wrecking Machine is also familiar with knockouts, which Sonnen won’t want to experiment with I’m sure.

Finally, the actual main event; Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis.
As we know, this bout was set for UFC 133 but an injury suffered by Davis caused it to be scrapped. Evans defeated UFC legend Tito Ortiz instead at the same event.
Davis is undefeated, a thing Rashad is no stranger to being, with only one loss on his record.
I’m putting my money on Rashad already, knowing he is a far better wrestler than Davis and has the striking to knockout anyone in front of him. Davis will not be an easy mission for Rashad though. Goosebumps, anyone?

Also, the coaches for The Ultimate Fighter 15 have been announced. UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber. Double goosebumps, anyone?

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