Saturday, 3 December 2011

'Beast Mode' kills 'Dream Team'

Yes OK my headline does sound like the result of two rather badly named wrestlers following a Hell in a Cell type matchup.

Truth of the matter is 'Beast Mode' is the name given to the running style of Seattle Seahawks bruising tailback Marshawn Lynch, and 'Dream Team' is the title of the rather unfortunate anchor that is tied to the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles.

Thursday Night Football saw Lynch press his own turbo button until his fingers bled, as he punished the Eagles defense to the tune of 148 yards and two touchdowns.

Mutual credit for the 'Hawks 31-14 win must also go to a rather unsung Seahawks offensive line, and the lead blocking of former Penn State quarterback Michael Robinson (yep not sure how many College gun slingers have ended up beefing up and becoming fullbacks - email me if you can think of any others?).

One must also pay homage to Century Link Field - possibly the most rained on stadium in NFL history. The stadium is always a challenge for the visiting team due to the noise generated by the home fans and the propensity for precipitation.

This loss for the Eagles means the death of Philadelphia's playoff chances and a truly momentous bursting of ego bubbles belonging to high-profile Free Agent acquisitions such as Jason Babin, Nnamdi Asomugha and Vince Young.

The Eagles were many 'experts' Super Bowl favourites, but certainly not mine. I predicted back in September that this would be a case of de-ja-vu as I put my money on the Green Bay Packers repeating.

As a Redskins fan I know what it is like to support a team that naively thinks it can buy a Vince Lomardi Trophy. Truth is it doesn't matter what sport you follow it is the bonding of the team, the chemistry and the shared struggle that defines a winner - not the purchasing of veterans who may have inflated egos and certainly have inflated pockets.

For the past 30 years the Eagles have prided themselves in the fact they have been led by outstanding defenders - from Reggie White and Clyde Simmons to Brian Dawkins.

Truth is the Eagles defense of 2011 is simply not good enough.

Following the game on Thursday I hope the developers of Madden '13 were watching. If I try to buy Madden '13 and there is no Beast Mode button I'll want an immediate refund.

Just one word of advice to Marshawn - even though you may have invented 'Beast Mode' for god's sake don't go on the cover! Look what happened to Peyton Hillis this season...ouch.

Lawrence Vos
Primetime Sports NFL Blogger

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